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Micro Pea Shoot

Micro Pea Shoot

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Micro Pea Shoots are small, delicate leaves attached to slender stems, averaging 1 to 2 centimeters in diameter, and have a uniform and elongated, oval shape. The bright green leaves are thin, smooth, and flat with curved edges, and light green veining may appear across the surface.

Each leaf is attached to a flexible but sturdy green stem, contributing to the microgreen’s crisp, succulent, and tender consistency. Micro Pea Shoots have a mild and pleasant vegetal flavor with sweet, herbal, and bright grassy notes.

Try them in ….

  • Avocado Toast Supreme: Layer toasted multi-grain bread with Superfood Micro Pea Shoots and crunchy pepitas.
  • Sautéed Power Pea Shoots: Sauté in sesame oil with garlic & sesame seeds for a quick side.
  • Hummus Pita Lunch: Add to a pita pocket with hummus, cucumbers & tomatoes.

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